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Arminius Bucher, Director Operations & Marketing

Arminius Bucher, Director Operations & Marketing

Arminius was born, raised and educated in Europe in a small university city called Heidelberg, After receiving his degree in German business law & trade he gave into his desire for adventure. Arminius left Germany just after his 21st birthday to travel the world. After about 8 years of venturing from continent to continent he settled down in San Francisco where all his travel experience came very handy. Arminius excelled as hotel manager and by 2001 he was the acting General Manager of a large hotel in Phoenix, Arizona. Looking for change again, Arminius got his real estate license and was featured as the “Up-and-Comer” realtor in Arizona in December 2003, with an article in the entrepreneur magazine bizAZ. In 2005 Arminius had relocated to Chicago. Very soon thereafter he and Gary wrote their business plan to create a unique medical practice in Chicago. Arminius brought his business mind to the table and Gary his experience as a board certified physician.

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Anal Dysplasia Clinic MidWest

2551 North Clark St #203
Chicago, Illinois   60614

Primary Phone: (312) 623-ANAL (2625)
Primary Fax: (773) 289-0685

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