Dr. Gary Bucher is the Medical Director and founder of Anal Dysplasia Clinic MidWest, a medical practice dedicated to the prevention of anal cancer in men and women. Dr. Bucher graduated from the University of Missouri-Kansas School of Medicine in 1989. Dr. Bucher is board-certified by the National Board of Physicians and Surgeons. He took interest in HIV/AIDS since the early days of the epidemic where he published and presented papers nationally and internationally.

Recently, the rates of anal cancer have been increasing in certain high-risk groups. The high-risk groups include people living with HIV (PLWH), men who have sex with men (MSM), women with a history vulvar and/or vaginal cancer, women with a history of vulvar or vaginal precancer, and solid organ transplant recipients.

Dr. Bucher founded Anal Dysplasia Clinic MidWest to prevent anal cancer by evaluating and treating HPV-related anal disease. He has completed specialized training in high resolution anoscopy (HRA). He has also received specialized training in office-based ablation of anal and perianal precancer with electrocautery (EC) and other topical treatments.

Dr. Bucher is an active member of the International Anal Neoplasia Society (IANS). IANS is the world’s first professional society devoted to the evaluation and treatment of anal and perianal precancer and the prevention of anal cancer.

Dr. Bucher is a member of the Ascension St. Joseph Hospital medical staff. Providers from the Chicagoland and surrounding areas refer their patients who are at high risk for anal cancer to Dr. Bucher and his team for specialized care at ADC MidWest. Dr. Bucher evaluates patients

from referral providers at Ascension Health, Advocate Aurora Health, Northwestern University Medicine, Rush University Medical Center, University of Illinois-Chicago, University of Chicago Medicine, Stroger Cook County Health System including CORE Center and many community health centers located throughout Chicago and the surrounding areas.


Emily Miller, APN is an advanced practice nurse at the Anal Dysplasia Clinic MidWest in Chicago. She graduated from University of Illinois-Chicago as a women’s health nurse practitioner in 2016.

She previously worked in reproductive healthcare at Planned Parenthood of Illinois as a nurse practitioner for four years. She was a cardiac nurse at Northwestern Memorial Hospital for five years implementing interventions for heart failure patients prior to her advanced degree. She provides holistic evidence -based care while creating a welcoming space for patients to address their health needs.

Emily is a self-proclaimed foodie and enjoys trying new restaurants all around the city and in her travels. She supports non-kill animal rescues around the city and has three rescued cats and two dogs.


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